Juby (Skype: Canada)

Jan – April 2020

Mrs. Ninan is the most professional teacher I’ve ever met! Online classes are well organized and scheduled. She gave me a lot of homework  to help me to improve my language skills and checked them carefully. What is more, she is an encouraging teacher, which is extremely important. I would sincerely thank ma’am from the bottom of my heart.

Dr. Alexander (Skype: Moscow)

Jul 2019 – Feb 2020

Mrs. Ninan is the best English teacher I have ever studied with! From the first lesson, I realized that learning English is very interesting!

Mrs. Ninan is strict, demanding, but fair! She is a very cheerful person! Having English lessons with Mrs. Ninan is an exciting adventure! Every time I discovered something new! 8 months felt like one day! Now I’ve taken a short break, but I will definitely be back for more!

Thank you very much for your time, for your knowledge, for your experience!

Dr. Samuel (Skype: Kuwait)

Oct – Dec 2019

I am pleased to write a letter of reference for Mrs. Mary Ann Ninan. In all of my observations of Mrs. Ninan, she has always demonstrated exceptional teaching skills regardless of her student level in English language or the diversity of learning levels. Mrs. Ninan always ensures that her students experience success by challenging their abilities in order to encourage as much growth and development as possible. Her students are always treated with great dignity and respect and, as a result, she has an excellent rapport with them. Mrs. Ninan also has a very good working relationship with her students. She has always made herself available to her class members as a mentor and a guide. In all areas, she has the expertise of teaching English.

Reem (Canada)

Dec 2019

Where can I start ! Mrs. Ninan has taught me very well and she has shown me to learn English in the right way. I advise you all to get lessons with Mrs. Ninan.

Galina (Skype: Halifax)

Jul – Sep 2019

There are many English teachers on the market. But I was looking for the best one – somebody who will be a strong person to keep me in focus, flexible, gentle and supportive. One who will lead me to success in my exams. My friend recommended me to speak with Mrs. Ninan and I understood that I found what I was looking for. She is tough and gentle at the same time, and she knows when to support. But if you’re not in focus, she will tell you the truth. In addition, her knowledge and experience are beyond doubt. I definitely enjoyed my lessons with her!

Jenny (Skype: Calgary)

Jan – Aug 2019

Mrs. Ninan gave me weekly CELBAN lessons of 3 hours for 1 year. She prepared all these lessons with care and enthusiasm. She was always patient, friendly, sympathetic and highly motivating. She had understood immediately my specific difficulties and taught me in the best way possible.

In addition, during this time I was pregnant and gave birth to my baby girl. Mrs. Ninan was very attentive to all my needs and encouraged me not to give up even when I felt extremely tired.

At the end of the year, I was fully prepared for the CELBAN exam.

Thank you so much!!!!!

Always love and appreciate from the depth of my heart all that you have done for me.

Dr. Hala (Mississauga)

Jul 2019

Ever since I started taking lessons here, I have noticed a great improvement in my ability to use the English language. Mrs. Ninan is a great teacher. Not only does she explain things very clearly, she’s also quite supportive.

Tom (Skype)

May – Jul 2019

No words will be good enough to thank Mrs. Ninan. It is Gods grace and her support that has brought me up to here. She helped me from scratch in my English language. She has the patience, knowledge and skill to correct and also make me understand my mistakes. Even more than her teaching, she encouraged me a lot when I felt down and ready to give up on studying English. She always filled me with positive energy.

I am happy to have met such an amazing teacher in my life and I am so grateful for all her time and effort she has given to improve me in studying English language. God bless you ma’am.

Sarah (Toronto)

May – Jun 2019

Mrs. Ninan prepares personalized classes and is very focused in my areas of need. She is very flexible and concentrates on correcting weaknesses. The reassurance and confidence I gained out of this was invaluable for the test situation itself. I definitely highly recommend this course.

Marta (Toronto)

Mar – May 2019

I have been a student of Mrs. Ninan’s for a while. All in all, it may be a year or 18 months. Each course took about 6 months for me. When we met, my primary goal was to improve my English level from Pre-Intermediate to Advanced. Next, I had to pass IELTS General, which I did, and then recently, my challenge was to pass the IELTS Academic. And I am happy to say that I received very good results a week ago – and it is thanks to Mrs. Ninan.

I have to admit that during the whole learning journey, I was lead by Mrs. Ninan. She was not only a patient teacher, but also a supportive friend. Despite being understanding and kind, Mrs. Ninan is a result-oriented hard worker and expects the same sincere attitude from her students.

I know many people who have had a chance to be her student and they all felt that it was a blessing!

Sasha (Skype: Russia)

May 2019

Mrs. Ninan is the best teacher I’ve ever known. She explained to me 12 Tenses better than I have ever been explained in Russia. I’ve learnt new vocabulary and started preparing for IELTS! And I see how my English is becoming better and better after each lesson. In addition, she became to me not only a teacher but also a friend who is always ready to listen to me. And due to her lessons, I speak English better. But sky’s the limit and I hope I will have classes with her in future. Thank you for everything!

Natasha (Skype: Moscow)

Apr 2019

Mrs. Ninan is the best teacher.  She explains the topics very simply and easily.  She sends study materials for each lesson and selects them individually according to your level, and checks homework assignments.  She is not only an excellent teacher, but she is also a very good person with a big kind heart.  She will always try to accommodate your needs when it comes to changing some date of classes to suit my needs.  I have studied English with great pleasure, and I can see the result of my studies.  I am glad that you have taught me and thank you so much for everything!

Dalia (Skype: Vaughan)

Sep – Nov 2018

I studied with Mrs. Ninan for 3 months preparing for my CELBAN exam. It was an excellent experience. Mrs. Ninan assessed my knowledge in the beginning and we started the preparation with improving my grammar. This was very good for me because I felt more confident with my Speaking and Writing skills.

During the preparation, Mrs. Ninan focused on all parts of the CELBAN exam. I practiced a lot during our lessons and at home because of the homework provided.

It was a positive, intensive, and very organized process that helped me to be focus on studying and improving my English skills.

Also Mrs. Ninan is a very sensitive and caring person. Her positive attitude helped me to study and bring out my best skills with no stress.

I strongly recommend Mrs. Ninan as a teacher and as a person to everyone who is planning to study for English exams.

Shayna (Skype: New Brunswick)

Nov 2018

One of the steps to be a nurse in Canada is to pass the CELBAN exam. I had tried to pass this exam twice, unsuccessfully.

Then I got a lot of warm recommendations from my friends and acquaintances about Mrs. Ninan. We have been studying for a few months. During this period of time, she amazed me by not only making me realize how easy and simple grammar rules could be explained but she also inspired me to love English lessons.

Mrs. Ninan is a very kind, positive and responsible teacher who gives personal attention to each student, according to their needs. Because of a few unsuccessful attempts in the past, I had lost my self- confidence in Speaking and Writing. During our lessons, step by step Mrs. Ninan was able to instill in me the strong feeling that I can do well on the exam. So now, having a higher level of self-confidence and a wider knowledge in English, I am going soon on the exam. Hopefully, I will pass it.

Thank you, Mrs. Ninan, for your lessons! I highly recommend Mrs. Ninan as a great English teacher and as great person.

Dmitri (Skype: Moscow)

Sep 2017 – May 2018

I was looking for a teacher, because it is very important for my work to have a high level of English. Having lost practice, my speaking level quickly fell to the level of about 0, and since then, I had developed a mental block associated with
the fear of making a mistake.

The first thing that caught my attention was Mrs. Ninan’s great ability to explain the rules and structure of the language to each student at their language level; the second is that Mrs. Ninan has excellent psychological skills in finding an approach that is helpful for you because the ability to build quality and selective training for you is more than half the teacher’s job.

I studied once a week for 3 hours for a little more than six months. As a result, when traveling to Barcelona and later to Mexico, I was freely able to communicate with colleagues both on profile issues and just on everyday topics. I recommend this teacher to people who really care about the real result, because language is necessary for work. The most amazing thing – You do not realize how you have gradually improved your language level!

Pnina (Canada)

May 2018

The CELBAN preparation sessions with you were very helpful.First, thank you for your availability and your giving me a spot in your tight schedule immediately. Secondly, in the Speaking exam I felt that I was familiar with the questions and was well prepared to be able to answer the questions as you had worked with me on the same topics. Your classes succeeded in decreasing my stress during the exam.

Snezhana (Canada)

May 2018

Mrs. Ninan is a great teacher! In just four short weeks, I learned techniques that I will use over a lifetime to improve my writing. Thank you very much!

Leena (Canada)

Jan 2018

One of my friends recommended Mrs. Ninan for my preparation for the CAN Test. I attended 27 hours of class before my Test. In this short period, Mrs. Ninan taught me both Grammar and the other skills for this test. She quickly found my drawbacks and helped me to improve in all the areas. After each session, I found a noticeable improvement in my score in every module. I highly recommend Mrs. Ninan for your English lessons.

Sofiya (Skype: Moscow)

Dec 2017

I have been learning English for many years. I had a lot of different teachers. I need English for my job. But I never liked English lessons before. My speaking level did not rise despite the number of lessons. From the very first lessons with Mrs. Ninan, I fell in love with English and our classes. I felt that I was making great progress with speaking and writing. Now, I have become more confident myself. Mrs. Ninan explained to me that it was very important for me to learn grammar rules so that I can speak correctly. This will give us a feeling of confidence. This is true! Our classes really helped me! Mrs. Ninan, thank you very much for your lessons!

Lep (Skype: Moscow)

Dec 2017

I never liked to learn languages. My English was at the level of a few sentences, for travel purposes only. Now I have a situation where for two months I have to learn two languages German and English. In English my progress is much higher. I’m sure that all depends on your interest and teachers. Classes with a native speaker even at the initial stage are the reason for the success. My teacher, Mrs. Ninan, does not speak Russian, but the lessons are so interesting that I just want to communicate in English with the teacher. For the first time I liked the teaching structure of learning the language. I began to hear, understand and most importantly learn how to speak English. I remember a month ago, Mrs. Ninan had explained some grammar rules that I didn’t understand and I thought why do I need it? The teacher told me that learning grammar helped all her students speak correctly. Now I understand how important it is to understand the language and its structure. Thank you Mrs. Ninan for your lessons!

Dr. Kohila (Skype: Calgary)

Oct 2017

Looking at my past IELTS Test result, I didn’t know where I was weak and how I was going to correct my mistakes. I was frustrated and fed up with my knowledge of the English language. It was at that time, my husband found Mrs. Ninan through online resources and this showed a path for me. I love her way of teaching, incorporating skills that are required to improve language abilities and providing tests to boost my confidence level. Apart from this, she helps me go in the right direction not only to improve my English but also for my life challenges.

Ella (Skype: Nova Scotia)

Oct 2017

I find it so hard to decide what to write about Mrs. Ninan. In the first class, I was amazed by her energy, which made me feel like I’m the most important student. She recognized my abilities and my difficulties so quickly, like she has known me for many years. I was amazed by her ability to teach me with such energy, caring and support. I think that every pupil, who has Mrs. Ninan as a teacher, is so lucky. Mrs. Ninan, you are so special….. With a big respect and love….

Dr. Viyuzhanin (Ontario)

Sep 2017

I would like to dedicate this testimonial to Mrs. Ninan future students. Honestly, I wish I met Mrs. Ninan sooner than later because she is a great and professional teacher.

I was in the same boat that you are probably now. You need to pass a language proficiency test for whatever reason it is, but you feel stuck; the results of the previous tests were terrible. However, there is a hope! In fact, if you made yourself go through this website, you have already won a lottery and you’re lucky. Just look through the website and book the dates for the upcoming classes. Don’t spend your valuable time for consideration and checking out other classes, because the number of the spots for her classes are limited.

The course has been an extremely valuable learning endeavor for me because it challenged my thinking process regarding the application of the language to the upcoming exam. My favorite part was doing grammar exercises that turned the most boring part of English into something sweet. I have also learned so much that I will be able to put it into practical usage of the language. Please, don’t be fooled by the size of a 3” binder that you will be asked to bring for the first class. There will be many more materials to carry.

Mrs. Ninan, thank you so much for your dedication, patience and taking care of all your students.

Witold (Ontario)

Sep 2017

Mrs. Mary Ann Ninan helped me prepare for the CELPIP exam, which I finally passed with very good results. She is a very professional teacher with excellent knowledge of English confirmed by a Masters Degree in English. She is always well-prepared for our lessons. She has the incredible ability to explain difficult English grammar rules in a simple and
easy way.

Her lessons are interesting and you learn a lot; in fact, many things are subconsciously left in your head. Thanks to her extraordinary personality, she can transform her English lessons into real fun with English. That is why you really
start liking to learn English.

If you really want to speak, write and read in English fluently and correctly grammatically, then I would heartily recommend learning English with Mary Ann Ninan.

In addition, she has a great sense of humour, has extensive knowledge on every subject which makes her not only an extraordinary teacher but also an extraordinary person.

Senthil (Skype: Ontario)

Jul 2017

I am writing this testimonial to express my full support to my IELTS coaching teacher Mrs. Mary Ann Ninan. I have attended her classes for the past 3 months and every hour and minute was really a wonderful and fruitful session. She is a good, sincere, honest and encouraging teacher, as well as a well-wisher for the future endeavours in my life. I was impressed with her enthusiasm and passion for her profession. I also found her to be very helpful in building my confidence for the exams. As a teacher, she very well understands the student’s level of education and knowledge to determine the method of teaching he/ she needs. I was so interested and surprised that her preparation materials were well organized with simple and brief explanations. In short, she is such a dedicated, hardworking, punctual and an affectionate teacher that I have never seen a teacher like her in my life. I also, wish her to have extended years of life to continue her service and to help students like me.

Sergey (Skype: Nova Scotia)

Jul 2017

I would like to say that you are doing a very good job. I’m very thankful to you that you provided me with this opportunity to improve my English on-line. I learned a lot from your lessons. Thank you for your wonderful lessons. My English has improved significantly and become more fluent. I really appreciate the way you organize my lessons.

Jenny (Skype: Nova Scotia)

Apr 2017

I was advised to take lessons with Mrs. Ninan, by my friend when I was preparing for the CELBAN test. Soon, I learned that Mrs. Ninan is very well organized and has a personal approach for each student concentrating on his/her weak points. Mrs. Ninan has a variety of explanation techniques, which she matches with your needs. She is very conscientious of her work. Along with Mrs. Ninan professional skills, I have to mention the personal ones, as their impact played an extremely important role in my case. Mrs. Ninan is a very positive person. My classes were during the first months of my emigration, which is a difficult part itself. Mrs. Ninan was there with emotional support, inspiring by her personal example, motivating by her strong belief in my success. Thank you very much for all the knowledge, which was conveyed in such a sweet manner, and for all your endless energy. As knowing language is not just passing an exam, I believe we’ll meet again soon. (So be prepared. I know- you always are!)

Svetlana (Skype: Nova Scotia)

Apr 2017

Thank you for all your help with my preparation for CELBAN. You were the best teacher to help me prepare for this exam. You had lots of ideas to help me study as well as to improve my language. Your priority is always helping the student. Mrs. Ninan, you are a very good, qualified and helpful teacher. Whenever I had a problem, you helped me resolve it right away. I will recommend you to other students because you are an excellent teacher. Thank you so much for your work with me.

Alla (Canada)

Mar 2017

Mrs. Ninan is one of the kind of teachers you do not meet often. Her desire to teach, her talent to explain in creative ways (depending on each student’s needs) and her positive attitude all help us learn English much more successfully. Unfortunately, at the beginning of the immigration journey, many of us lose part of our confidence, and it is Mrs. Ninan’s positive, strong and enthusiastic personality which helps us to move forward and believe in ourselves. She cares deeply about each student. Thank you very much for your help, support, and dedication, Mrs. Ninan!

Alakh (Canada

Mar 2017

Where do I start? Not only does Mrs. Ninan know her stuff, but she also loves what she does and puts in a tonne of work for her students to prosper. She is very organised, excellent at time management and teaches in a loving manner. The only way I got such an amazing teacher like Mrs. Ninan is because my friend had referred her to me and even with her very busy schedule, she was able to give me a spot. While taking her classes alongside my high school English course, Mrs. Ninan was able to help me understand and make connections to the novels/playwrights that I had to study. To be very honest, Mrs. Ninan did more work every week than my teacher did in a month. Having had classes with her has helped with my overall writing and reading abilities as well. I would, without a doubt, recommend Mrs. Ninan to anyone who needs help in English, no matter their initial level.Thank you again so much!

Nadia (Canada)

Mar 2017

I am glad my friend recommended Mrs. Ninan as an English teacher to me.  I would recommend her to everybody. I`ve improved much since I started my classes with her and I enjoyed them very much.  She is an excellent teacher and an amazing woman.  Even though my 4-year- old daughter was with me most of the time, Mrs. Ninan managed to teach through all the interruptions without losing her patience.  That was a very good experience. Thank you once more, Mrs. Ninan.

Dev – Grade 11 (Canada)

Nov 2016

Sitting in Ms. Ninan’s class is never boring, and the classes always have a positive result. Her grammar lessons are always very well planned and on top of that are informative. My work has definitely seen improvement and this is only because of her help and the things she taught me. Now, whenever I have to work on essay writing, I see myself making deeper connections with the proof. The reason for these improvements is Mrs. Ninan’s help. In fact, I would recommend her classes to anyone who is ready to listen and learn.

Iris (Skype: Nova Scotia)

Oct 2016

My name is Iris. I took lessons from Mrs. Ninan as a preparation to the CELBAN exam. I can say that for the first time in many years I have understood grammar. She uses very well-organized materials, tons of quizzes and assignments that were very helpful. My English level has literally sky rocketed. In addition, she is a person with a good sense of humour and I really enjoyed taking this course.

Andrzej (Canada)

Sep 2016

The best teacher in the world! Mrs. Ninan is not only a fantastic teacher, but is also a wonderful person. Her way of teaching makes a great impression on us students and brings very good results. For me personally, she is not only the person who taught me English language, but she is also for me like a mother.Thank you Mrs. Ninan!

Sukhdeep (Skype: Washington)

Oct 2016

I had taken my IELTS test twice, but I couldn’t get a higher band. Fortunately, I found Mrs. Ninan online and I called her for Skype classes. In spite of her tight schedule, she gave me classes on Skype. Before taking classes, my English was so poor; but now my language skills have improved so much that I have attained a higher band. This has happened only due to Mrs. Ninan’s hard and sincere work with me. In addition, she is a really nice person, who teaches her students from the heart. She has also boosted my self-confidence. I love you, Ma’am.

Yousif (Canada)

Sep 2016

As Mrs. Ninan was very busy, I was able to get only one lesson for the CAEL test. Even this was very beneficial, as it taught me all the hints that I needed to save time while taking the CAEL language proficiency test, especially on the Reading portion. I highly recommend this for test takers. The overall experience was great.

Danilo (Canada)

Sep 2016

After several attempts trying to have a 7 score in the IELTS writing module on my own, I decided to change my strategy and look for professional help in order to achieve this goal. Fortunately, I was lucky to find Mrs. Ninan and within only 2 months I was able to finally get the score that I had aimed for.

Mrs. Ninan definitely knows everything that you need to achieve any score that you may require. She literally guided me through step by step on building up my writing skills, until the moment that she said I was ready to take the test again.

Thank you so much for all the guidance that you’ve provided, and also for not giving up on me.

Viresh (Canada)

Jul 2016

Thanks Mary Ann for making me feel that the English Language is very easy. Your way of teaching grammar in a step by step method is so good and easy that it immediately registered in my memory. Nobody teaches grammar like you. I highly recommended others to join your classes

Polina (Canada)

Jun 2016

The Best teacher who teaches from the HEART, not from the book!!! These are words that exactly describe Mrs. Ninan. She is teacher who will listen and teach you in the way that you want to learn. Thank you for your support, for pushing me whenever I needed and for your kind words.

Thank you very much!!!!!!!!!

Vlad (Skype: Israel)

Jul 2016

When I met Mrs. Ninan for the first time on Skype, I had a Beginner’s knowledge in English. At the very first meeting, even before we started the lessons, she explained that I must be ready for hard work. Although she knew that I was at a very low level, she encouraged me and we started the lessons. I thought that this was going to be so hard. But very soon I realized that my thinking was wrong because Mrs. Ninan discovered a special access to teach me English. In addition, her experience, patience and teaching skills are really amazing.

So today, after three months of classes, I can definitely say that I have another mother abroad.

My dear Mrs. Ninan, thank you very much for all your knowledge, patience and friendship. Thank you for being ready to give all your knowledge to everyone, who wants to study and become successful.

Karolina (Canada)

May 2016

I studied English in high school and college but I had never exactly understood grammar and all of those tenses…why, when, where and how we can use them. I remember when I first went for classes with Mrs. Ninan, my biggest concern was whether it would be another teacher who will throw knowledge at me and who wouldn’t even care if I get it or not. So I was really surprised what methods are used in Astara Learning Centre, and how easily I was able to learn all the skills – Writing, Speaking, Listening & Reading. And those 3 hours went by very quickly.

Mrs. Ninan know what your limits are and doesn’t allow you to go lower than your capability. I remember when I was tired after work she didn’t try to force me to learn, instead she found a better way… Monkey game 🙂 or banana game 🙂 – Word Games that increase Vocabulary. And the most important thing for me was that she made me feel comfortable without unnecessary stress.

When you meet her, you will see that she is not just a teacher. She cares about her students and she puts her heart into whatever she does. Honestly, she is the best teacher I have ever met and I will definitely miss those classes with Mrs. Ninan (and the Indian tea which her husband makes perfectly).

Dr. Mira (Canada)

Mar 2016

It has been a long time for me to find a teacher as Mrs. Ninan. I needed a teacher who would detect my weak points and work on them rather than start from scratch, and Mrs. Ninan has done this in a very professional way. Mrs. Ninan possesses all the tools and techniques required to accommodate her students’ needs by working with whatever skills they have and preparing them for whatever test they are going to take. She is a very knowledgeable, patient, and supportive teacher who can always push you forward in a positive way. I strongly recommend her to be your English teacher.

Anna (Canada)

Mar 2016

It is difficult to start describing Mrs. Ninan’s classes, because I have so many things to say, but there are not enough words. From the first second of my first class, I understood that I was in the right place. Mrs. Ninan is an amazing teacher. She is so organized! She explains the most complicated things in such a simple way. English seems with her like a piece of cake. Mrs. Ninan helped me to prepare for the CELBAN exam. It was very hard to find her, but I am so happy that I had a chance to meet her and to participate in her classes. Every lesson, I was sure that someone had done something with the clock because 3 hours with Mrs. Ninan flew like 3 seconds.

Mrs. Ninan is not only a wonderful teacher, but also an amazing person. She is full of energy and she is an extremely positive person. She gave me so much support and confidence and she believed in me more than I in myself.

Dear Mrs. Ninan, thank you so much for the knowledge, for the training, for your support, for your concern. I am so happy that I had a chance to meet you. I highly recommend Mrs. Ninan’s classes!

Dr. Yahya (Canada)

Mar 2016

It was very kind of you to accept to teach me. You have been extremely professional by showing me ways of tackling the difficult questions of IELTS. I thank you for all the support and concern.

Dr. Aliya (Canada)

Feb 2016

It is extremely difficult for me to explain my relation with Mary Ann, as it is more than a student teacher relationship. I have found her to be a wonderful, caring and understanding person. She always gave consideration to my personal issues relating to my job and illness.

Her way of teaching is unique and interactive, with easy digestion of grammar principles which previously used to be a night mare for me. She knows how to engage students and to sustain interest from the beginning to the end of her class. No matter how tired I was, I always felt energetic in her class. My writing and communication skills have remarkably improved after attending tutorials with her. Her coaching was not only helpful for writing the IELTS exam, but also important for enhancing my professional capabilities. The proper use of linking words, coherence, punctuation and grammar have completely molded my writing into properly structured and well organized essays and articles.

In addition, the repeatedly interesting classroom exercises and home assignments were an additional asset for my learning. I must say that I had a wonderful tuition experience with Mary Ann, and received lots of love and care from her family as well. I strongly recommend Astara Learning Center to my friends who are struggling for IELTS and any other exams for getting an entry into their respective professions.

Thanks Mary Ann for what you have done for me. God bless you

Marta (Skype: Moscow)

Dec 2015

Someone said: “Learn from those whom we love”. And this is exactly Mrs. Ninan’s case.  She is an amazing Woman, interesting Person and inspiring Teacher. From our lessons, I got a lot of practical knowledge and enthusiasm for my future work and studies.

The first and the deepest impression about Mrs. Ninan was her love for order. Moreover, such order spreads everywhere: in preparing papers, in lessons plans, in timetabling and this becomes a part of your English, just like having a strong backbone.

I am finishing the course, that is very sad, but now I have a great example of hard work in my life.

Thank you very much!

P.S. I will recommend Mrs. Ninan as the best IELTS teacher and my mom is the first follower to start classes with Mrs. Ninan in the New Year.

Soujanya (Canada)

Oct 2015

I would like to share my experience with Mrs. Mary Ann Ninan. I started taking IELTS classes with Mrs Ninan 2 months ago as I was not able to achieve the required brand score for my PR requirement. I had a challenge in reading and writing sections. I was looking for a learning center which is near Brampton and I got to know about Astara Learning Center and got to meet an amazing teacher, Mrs Ninan. She is very organized, supportive and punctual, and provided training even in the evenings, which was very convenient for me. She helped me improve my tenses and be aware of simple and complex grammar mistakes. Additionally, she taught me how to manage the time factor in the Reading section and the best methods to identify word meanings and find the answers. My sincere thanks to Mrs Ninan for making my dream come true to achieve a good score and get my PR Status.

Thushara (Skype: Sudbury)

Oct 2015

There were days I felt all was lost as before me stood the Goliath, the English language test. I never thought I would be able to overcome this fear of doing the test. It was then that I met Mrs. Ninan. Her classes gave me the confidence and vigor to move forward. More than just being my teacher in English, she was a person to whom I could lean on for support in any situation that could arise. Mrs. Ninan is a person full of energy and ideas, just a part of which will be enough for us to excel in any English exam with flying colours. I do hope more people will seek her guidance and be able to go forward in their profession. She is certainly an asset, not just as an English teacher but also as a good person with whom we could have a lifelong, friendly relation.

Ersonn (Canada)

Sep 2015

Mrs. Ninan helped me study for my CELBAN exam by covering all of the topics that I needed to know even though the time allotted, because of my work schedule, was only four days. The review really helped me understand my weak points and my strengths. She gave me practice exams that improved my listening, reading, writing and speaking ability. She guided me through the whole process patiently. The review I did with her not only tackled the English subject but also integrated the Nursing process which will be a great tool for me if ever I get my degree. I would give Mrs. Ninan a 5 out of 5 and if you have someone you know who needs a review on IELTS or CELBAN, I highly recommend her.

JD (Skype: Qatar)

Sep 2015

Finding an online tutor for IELTS training is not a big deal. But getting a tutor who really supports you like a friend, encourages, motivates and teaches you like teacher and cares for you like her child…… really difficult to find someone like this – Mrs. Ninan, a name written in golden words. She is one of the best teachers I have ever had. Punctuality is her other good quality. During the first three sessions, I took a two to three minute break in the middle of my 3 hour class, but later on I kept wondering how fast my three hour class got over. Also she never wasted a single minute of my course time. She evaluated me and understood my weaknesses, after which, she personalized the course as per my ability. I’m really satisfied and happy about the course.

I don’t have enough words to express my thanks to you. I’m really thankful for the way you have considered me, the effort and hard work you have taken and above all the positive environment which you have created for me……. Once again, thanks for all your great effort.

Dr. Ramy (Canada)

Aug 2015

I would like to share my experience with Mrs. Mary Ann Ninan. She is the kindest and an expert teacher whom I have ever met. After many attempts at writing the IELTS exam and due to the challenging score that all medical schools have requested (BAND 7), I was stuck by half a point in the writing. Eventually, I joined Mrs. Ninan’s classes and I got the score that I needed (Listening: 7.5 /Reading: 8.5 / Writing: 7/ Speaking: 7). I have not enough words to express how much I appreciate and admire this teacher.

Liza (Canada)

Jul 2015

Well, I don’t know from where I should start. Mrs. Ninan is a person who can give the student a strong feeling of success. She knows her job very well. She impressed me by her style of teaching, and she’s very optimistic. She can help you achieve your goals easily.

Dr. Widya (Canada)

Apr 2015

If you are currently reading my testimony, you may be one of the trained professionals struggling to pass the IELTS. Welcome! We are in the same boat. This course is the collaboration between Mrs. Ninan’s expertise and your effort. In every tutorial, she always starts on time and yet flexible enough to accommodate my busy schedule. Her knowledge and experience enables her to fix your weaknesses in a unique way, slowly but surely. Mrs. Ninan strengthened my grammar and gave me confidence in my abilities. One of her best assets is her ability to correct mistakes in a forthright manner. In addition to her guidance she, along with her family, provides tremendous support throughout this journey.

Maria (Skype: Colombia)

Jan – May 2015

I started taking TOEFL classes with Mrs Ninan four months ago. I really needed to write this exam to apply to Harvard for my Masters in Law, this year. I had been taking English classes before meeting Mrs. Ninan and I know that I lost my money there. In the beginning, when I was told by a lawyer friend from Panama, who had been Mrs. Ninan’s student also, that these classes would be by Skype, I was really confused, and even doubted this strategy. But the moment we started the Skype lessons, I knew this had all happened with God’s grace. Mrs. Ninan really cared about me and gave me very personalized English classes in which we worked on both new materials as well as concentrated on my weaknesses. I am very happy and satisfied. She is a lovely and patient teacher, but also very strict and organized. She has made my writing and speaking skills very strong. Now the least I can do is recommend her as she has helped me make my dreams come true.

Dr. Reem (Canada)

Jan 2015

I would like to thank you for your help and support. Being a very experienced teacher, you taught me some very helpful English skills. You improved my writing to a great extent. I am so grateful to have a professional guide who always motivated, helped and encouraged me. I wish you all the best because you deserve it.

Lasith  (Skype: Singapore)

Nov 2014

I would like to take this opportunity to show my gratitude to Ms Ninan for being an excellent trainer, adviser as English teacher.

Few months ago as a result of finding good IELTS tutor I came across Ms Ninan profile and I started a Skype class with her. During the classes, I have found that numerous good teaching and personal qualities.

For one, she has an excellent personalised teaching approach, which is directly cater for where we need more attention or looking while improving what we already have. At the same time, her teaching passion is excellent which has helped to learn English grammar quickly and easily. The Teaching material and exercises that carried out in classes were excellent too. During the classes I saw that my writing standard goes up surprisingly.

And also, she is very pleasant teacher and her kindness and motivation help me a lot in preparing for IELTS. So I am very happy and would like to introduce Ms Ninan, for anyone who is seeking English teacher.

Jaswir (Canada)

Nov 2014

A sincere heartfelt thank you for your guidance, time and belief in me! I have grown in ways that I may not have been able to explore without your guidance and dedication towards me. I needed a supporter, an encourager and a leader and I found those all qualities in you. You taught me very effectively over a very short period of time. Due to your excellent way of teaching I was able to improve my grammar and writing skills dramatically. Once again, thank you for your time dedication and support.

Dr. Fairouz (Canada)

Aug 2014

I just wanted to take some time to express how much I enjoyed having Skype classes this summer.

You truly are a teacher who stands out because of your sheer dedication to your students. You are an excellent teacher who customized the course to suit my needs and train me exactly in areas where I really needed help. You prepared me well with various practice lessons to face the IELTS exam confidently.

I also liked your way of teaching grammar. You always made extra sure that I understood the material, since you knew it was my weakest subject. Without you, I never would have been able to master grammar the way I did. Being able to count on you for extra help and clarification was really special to me and shows me how much you care about the success of your students.

Thank you for all your hard work, and the positive learning environment you provide and I appreciate it more than you will ever know.

Dr. Inam (Canada)

May 2014

Time was an issue. Improving my English skills quickly and by leaps and bounds, was one of my main goals. Mrs. Ninan helped by creating a tailored course for me which concentrated on my weak points. She worked with me during any spare time that I could find in my busy days. Astara Learning Center has been an amazing experience for me.

Mrs. Ninan is an amazing teacher with a tremendous amount of knowledge. She focuses on test strategies and vocabulary. Furthermore, she gives main importance to grammatical accuracy as well as all other aspects of IELTS, whether it is the General or Academic module.

At the same time, one of the most important aspects of Astara, which I found very valuable, is ‘one-on-one teaching’. This is very important to get a good as well as the required score on your IELTS.

Overall, from a professional and personal point of view, I strongly recommend English coaching at Astara under the guidance of a highly qualified teacher like Mrs. .Ninan, especially for the tailored support and dedicated attention.”

My score before Reading: 5.5   Writing: 6
After the course Reading: 7.5  Writing: 7

Wedad (Skype: U.S.)

Feb 2014

Dear Mrs. Ninan,

I would like to say THANK YOU so much for your time. I have learned a lot of things to improve my second language (English) , such us Grammar, ACADEMIC words, and even the Strategies of the Writing and Speaking part of the IELTS exam. You taught me a very important thing for IELTS, which is how I can understand the essay question and how my answer should be. This helped me a lot in the test.

Also I want to add something that is very dear to my heart – Thank you for your support and encouragement. I felt very comfortable when you gave me advice. You are an awesome and amazing teacher! Your family members are lucky because you are really a supportive and helpful woman.

Finally I would like to tell everyone who wants to learn or improve his or her language, do not be frightened or timid, just take classes with Mrs. Ninan. It will be very useful and enjoyable.

Fahad (Skype: U.S.)

Feb 2014

“If you want to improve your English writing structure and grammar in IELTS, try Mrs. Ninan’s classes!”

She helped me improve my syntax and be aware of simple and complex grammar mistakes. Additionally, she helped me to speak confidently in IELTS. Mrs. Ninan is a really helpful and humorous teacher.

Thank you Mrs. Ninan! Thank you again for your help.

Anna (Canada)

Feb 2014

Dear Mrs. Ninan

Thank you for all your time and hard work. I have learnt so much from you. You are an amazing teacher. You teach from your heart and the way you explain things that even if they are difficult, I understand them from the start. Not only has my English language boosted, but my self confidence has also increased. You have given me a lot of courage and faith. With your support I breezed easily through the IELTS exam and was successful.

I’m lucky that I chose you to be my teacher. Heartfelt thanks to you.

Jessie (Skype: China)

Feb 2014

Taking classes from Mrs. Ninan was a delightful experience that made me feel that learning English can be so easy. After just six Skype classes I found that I had improved surprisingly and almost unconsciously.

The teaching method from Mrs Ninan is so outstanding and different from others that I had experienced before. She taught me English skills that fully suited my needs step by step, from grammar and vocabulary usage to IELTS exam tips. She has even corrected many English-language misunderstandings that I had been keeping in mind for many years.

Mrs Ninan is really a warm and responsible teacher and a friend who always helped, motivated and encouraged me. I wish her all the best and I hope to get more chances to learn more from her in the future sometime.

Moonis (Skype: Australia)

Jan 2014

In just a span of 3 Skype tutorials, Mrs. Ninan was able to recognize my weaknesses, particularly with my punctuation. Also, she went through some key grammar lessons which I found quite useful. I feel a lot more confident with my writing and I reckon it’s only a matter of time before I get my desired score of 8.

Samir (Canada)

Nov 2013

Dear Mrs. Ninan,

I’d like to thank you for all your help and all your effort. You really did a great job with me during our IELTS sessions. I found a great improvement especially in the writing part, which raised my overall score in the Academic IELTS test

Thank you again.

Bijo (Canada)

Sep 2013

I believe that you cleared my all doubts in English grammar. I wasn’t good in grammar and essay writing before coming to you. But you taught me in a such a way that it’s not a big task anymore. Your support and guidance boosted my confidence. I am sure those who are taking lessons from you will never say IELTS is hard.

Rufus (Canada)

Aug 2013

It was a pleasure knowing and training with Mrs. Ninan. She is an excellent teacher who customizes the course to suit each student’s need and trains you exactly where you need help. She prepares you well with various practice tests to face the exams confidently. I would highly recommend her course to students aspiring to get high scores in their English proficiency exams.

Alex (Skype: Kazhakstan)

Jul 2013

Mrs. Ninan is a very experienced teacher. In just 2 Skype sessions, she quickly pointed out all my mistakes and suggested the most effective and convenient way to eliminate them. Her invaluable advice helped me significantly to prepare for my upcoming IELTS test.

Gerardo (Skype: Panama City)

Jun 2013

I met Mrs. Ninan through an extensive online research of IELTS courses, because I have to take the IELTS exam. She has been a great teacher and I am very pleased to have chosen her for my SKYPE classes. I did a brief course with her, since I only needed to improve half a point on the overall band score. To my amazement, the preparation material is exactly what the IELTS examiners are looking for! I am extremely happy and excited to go and take the exam.

PS: My confidence level has increased a lot!!

Thanks a lot Mrs. Ninan!

Luxshikaa (Canada)

Apr 2013

Mrs. Ninan is an excellent teacher. I enjoyed coming to her for help. In the three months that she helped me, I improved my vocabulary, sentence structure and learned how to check over my work properly.  She helped me expand my writing by infusing the sentences with explanatory details. My writing improved dramatically over the past three months. She taught me in a way that is suitable for me. Mrs. Ninan takes her tutoring responsibility seriously and helps me through emails and in person. I learned a lot and it is a great experience that will help me be more successful in high school. Mrs. Ninan is great as a person and as a tutor. I’ve been to other English tutors but Mrs. Ninan has been by far the most helpful.  I hope to continue to learn more from her as my years in high school go by.

Fatima (Canada)

Apr 2013

I have known Mrs. Ninan for almost seven years. She was an English teacher at Columbia International College, which I attended in 2006. The classes that my classmates and I have taken were very unique in a way that we were prepared for TOEFL.

Mrs. Ninan has respect for herself and pride in what she does. Her actions reflect on herself and her community. I have been a witness to her organizational ability, quality, management of the group and her commitment and passion to her duties. She was never late for any of her classes, and always showed a willingness to help any student.

She has a responsible attitude to her work; her attitude to the students is very unique. One of my classmates had said: “Mrs. Ninan can teach English even to a dog”. Indeed, Mrs. Ninan is one of the greatest teachers that I have met.

As a result, all of our group that had taken English with Mrs. Ninan got excellent scores and went to the best universities across all Canada.

Hind (Canada)

Apr 2013

Dear Miss,

I want to thank you for all your help and support in the very few days before my exam. Although I was tired towards the end, you encouraged me to study and I’m trying today to revise and memorize all the skills and tips that you instructed me. So hopefully I can do my best tomorrow in the exam.

You are the Best teacher I ever met who is so helpful and you treat your student as one of your daughters. I was lucky to be one of your students and my only wish is that I pass with a good score. I will definitely tell my friends about you and I will keep coming to Astara Learning Center for conversational English  classes whenever I have free time.

Much appreciation!

Marzena (Canada)

Dec 2012

In the beginning, I was very scared to go for an English course because I could not speak or understand much English. Back in Poland, even my teachers had told me that I would never be able to learn English. But after joining Astara Learning Centre, I realized that I could study the language.  I strongly recommend their way of teaching.

Mrs. Ninan makes the lessons very interesting and easy to understand, and most importantly knows how to encourage the student and get the best out of them. I had never spoken English, but after 6 months of lessons, made to suit my needs, I have the confidence to read, write and speak in English. I even passed the IELTS General Test in and got my papers for Immigration.

So I recommend that all those who want to learn English, go to Astara Learning Centre and you will never be afraid to learn to read, write, understand  and speak English.

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